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tobias_madden@hotmail.com | Sydney, Australia

© 2016 by Tobias Madden. All text content published here is copyright Tobias Madden, 2016. Headshots by Maryna Rothe, 2015, I do not own any other images.

Under the Jacaranda

November 16, 2015

A poem inspired by my time spent in Redfern, Sydney, while on tour with CATS...


(I RARELY write poems; it's generally not my thing. But this one reflects my state of mind at a particular moment in time very accurately, so I quite like it. I originally wrote this in my little yellow journal (shortly after doing an Oprah Winfrey meditation) underneath the jacaranda trees in Redfern Park)



Under the jacaranda,

Redfern bustles by.

The grass peppered with violet confetti,

a fountain trickles a gentle lullaby.

The air is thick, the branches shudder,

birds chatter as cars growl.

The sun’s hand warm on your back,

your feet nestled in the carpet of green.

A breeze whispers by; a floral cologne,

more petal snowflakes drift to their resting place.

The oasis exists in space and mind.

Under the jacaranda,

Redfern bustles by.



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