A Unicorn Journal

A story I wrote when I was five years old, in a book I was given to me by my Nan and Pa for Christmas, 1992...

I found this book, ' A Unicorn Journal', at my parents' house recently. I think it was meant to be used a journal, but I obviously decided it would be a better idea to write a story about a unicorn, based on the pictures found on each page (oftentimes, incredibly literally haha).


It's one of the very first stories I ever wrote (over the summer of '92/'93), and I think it's incredibly cute. I just love that, even back then, my brain was formulating stories out of basically nothing! I guess it goes to show that it's never too early to start reading and writing as a child... and also that my love for Fantasy was somewhat innate!


Eventually, when I have my first novel published, I'll know, deep down, that it's actually my second; 'The Unicorn Journal' will always be my first!


As you read, bear in mind that my spelling left a little to be desired, my punctuation wasn't very consistent, and the plot was pretty straightforward... but give me a break; I was only five!


Hold your cursor over each picture for a 'translation' if you need it :)


Now, I'm not so sure about the ending... personally, I would have liked a happy ending, but I was obviously just working with what I was given - that lady is clearly DEAD. I also don't really understand the mechanics of the lily flower and the unicorn getting older and younger etc etc, but again, I was five, so let's just suspend our disbelief for now, shall we?


(Illustrations by Michael Hague, 'A Unicorn Journal' originally published in 1984, by Arcade, a Little, Brown company.)

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